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BatteryMole® Monitor Automobile
This product uses the recently introduced Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) technology. The BatteryMole® unit attaches directly to the battery's terminals where it accurately monitors and sends the current state of your car's battery to an Android smartphone. (Note: Apple iOS is not yet available). This information includes the battery's charge state, voltage, temperature, last starting voltage and last start time. In addition its patented technology, U.S. Patent 8,386,199, continually makes use of this information to analyze the battery's state of health and warn the driver when the battery or alternator needs service.
Displays the following information:
· Charge State of the Battery
· Engine Start Voltage
· Engine Start Time
· Battery Voltage
· Alternator Voltage
· Battery Temperature
Detects the following alarm conditions:
· Low Battery Charge
· Weak Engine Start Voltage
· Slow Engine Start Time
· Alternator Overcharging
· Alternator Undercharging
· Low Battery Voltage
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Made in USA from global parts:
This product was designed and is assembled, programmed and tested in Tempe Arizona by 4 Peaks Technology LLC. It contains globally made components. The microprocessor is designed and manufactured by Arizona based Microchip Technology (processor assembled in Thailand). The bluetooth radio was designed by EM Microelectronic in Switzerland and productized by C-Max Asia Ltd. In Scottsdale Arizona, Elite Solutions Inc. designed the injection mold for the product case and manufactures all of our cases. In Phoenix Arizona, Proinnovative Inc. prints our product name and FCC regulatory information on these cases.