Don't Get Stranded!
BatteryMole® Monitor OBD-II
Even a brand new $280,400 Bentley can't tell the driver when to replace the starter battery. Simply plug this device into your 1996 or newer OBD-II diagnostic port. There is nothing to setup, nothing to configure and nothhing to worry about. Your battery is monitored 24/7. When your battery requires service the BatteryMole® OBD-II Monitor will gently let you know with a low level audible alarm. This alarm will beep for a few seconds, stop and then repeat once a minute for several minutes. When this happens get your battery tested by a qualified technician.
Quite by accident we discovered the symptoms that car batteries display before they fail. We have two patents, U.S. Patent 8,437,908 and U.S. Patent 8,386,199,that describe this discovery and how it can be used in automobiles. Someday, perhaps, all new cars will include this technology.
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