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BatteryMole® Monitor Bluetooth
The latest release of the Android application is always posted on this page. The same for the Quick Installation Guide and the User Guide. (NOTE: this same Android application is designed to work with both the RV/Marine monitor and the car monitor.)
WARNING: This application should never be used while driving. This kind of activity is illegal in many states and very dangerous in all states. Either call up this application before you start driving or wait until you have safely arrived at your destination. No alarms will ever be missed. This is true even if the application has not been executed for months. It is, however, recommended that your battery be checked at least on a weekly basis. You may want to use something like the free Google Calendar, which comes pre-installed on most Android devices, to setup a weekly reminder. This reminder will appear on your device and you will also receive a notification via gmail.
Latest BatteryMole® Android release is (Rev 012), click to download:
BatteryMole18 (Rev 012)

Online Documentation:
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Smartphone Developer's Guide:
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