Don't Get Stranded!
BatteryMole® Monitor
Not even a $4,500,000 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster can tell the driver when to replace the starter battery.

The BatteryMole® Monitor's patented technology, U.S. Patent 8,437,908 and U.S. Patent 8,386,199, analyzes your vehicle's battery and starting system like no other product. Simply plug this unit into your 12V receptacle, ignore any alarm messages for the first day and then drive worry free. When a problem is detected the BatteryMole® Monitor will beep and flash a warning message on its LCD display. When that occurs, and it likely will, it is time to bring your vehicle in for service. The User Manual carefully describes those steps that should be taken for each message. And on a positive note, your battery might be just fine but your fuel filter needs to be replaced.
One year Limited Warranty. If your unit is over a year old we'd still like to hear from you. Please contact for all warranty issues.
Displays the following information:
· Charge State (SoC) of the Battery
· Engine Start Voltage
· Engine Start Time
· Battery Voltage
· Alternator Voltage
Detects the following alarm conditions:
· Low Battery (SoC) Charge
· Weak Engine Start Voltage
· Slow Engine Start Time
· Alternator Overcharging
· Alternator Undercharging
· Low Battery Voltage
User Manual : BatteryMole® Monitor User Manual (Version 1.12)
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Made in USA:
Engineers at 4 Peaks Technology in Tempe, Arizona designed the BatteryMole® Monitor. Elite Solutions Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona designed the injection mold for the casework. This same company produces all of our plastic parts. The microprocessor is a product of Chandler, Arizona based Microchip Technology. The circuit boards are manufactured in Phoenix by Triad Electronic Technologies. Proinnovative in Phoenix stamps our product information on the cases and the User's Manual is printed locally by the Alternative Copy Shop near the ASU campus.